Wire Mesh Fan Guard Noise Test

- Feb 02, 2018-

Wire mesh fan guard in use in addition to prevent users from being damaged by the fan blades, when used in the fan itself will effectively protect the role of screen fan cover common chassis cooling fan, which is what we often say Fan vents, both fixed in the chassis casing, but also removable. The test is the size of 120mm Antec titanium Tri-Coll cooling fan and divided into high-speed and low-speed two-speed test separately.

Wire mesh fan guard low-speed noise test

The first is a low-speed noise test, the ambient noise of the test scene is 29dBa, without the installation of the hood, then the noise figure of the noise meter after the fan running is 35.5dBa. After installing the shrouds respectively, the lowest noise was measured by Wire, Mesh and Swirl shrouds with the noise of 36dBa, an increase of only 1.4%; while the increase of more than 10% was Concentric Circles, Angled Slats and Turbine III Turbine the highest increase in noise, up 41.4%, the value of 50.2dBa.

Then there was a high-speed noise test with a fan noise of 55dBa with no shrouds. The test results after installing the shrouds were about the same as those at lower speeds, with the best of the three still being Wire, Mesh and Swirl, with Turbine , An increase of 29.1%, the noise value of 71dBa.

Wire mesh fan guard high speed noise test

After the noise test is the air volume test, the same high-speed and low speed test, and the shield were installed in the fan inlet and outlet, and then test the installation of the shield into the air volume and air volume and no protection How much difference when the hood, the test used air volume meter Extech AN100.