Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories (2)

- Nov 10, 2018-

5.Styling Hair Accessories


It's nice to feel the wind in your hair until that hair blocks your view.

Helmets have long been a problem for women riding bicycles, causing many people to hide their unruly mops with baseball caps at the end of the day. Although the hat is a good choice, if you prefer to put down your hair, there are some accessories that can help you keep your style intact.

Diva-Do is a helmet lining that keeps your hair fresh. The lining does not use a hair band that can curl the hair. Instead, the elastic band at one end creates a pocket for your hair in the elastic material and is then secured by two straps. Made of polyester, Diva-Do absorbs moisture and keeps you cool.

The Dannaband also prevents tangled hair. Unlike a traditional bandanna, the Dannaband doesn't have a knot that could catch your hair. The design features elastic in the back to ensure a tight fit without adjusting.

The Buff is a super hair accessory and more. The all-in-one product can change functions quickly. Use it as a headband, a scrunchy, a face mask, a neck warmer or even a tube top.

If you are looking for something simpler, Softbandz may be the answer. This versatile product can be worn as a spacious, fully open headband or folded for a more traditional, narrower look. It can be used as a ponytail or as a fashion accessory on the edge of a hat or neck.


4.Adjustable Chaps

You may want to wear some leather or textile cycling pants on your jeans to protect your legs from hot exhaust pipes, rough roads and weather. They are waterproof and windproof and come with knee pads and reflective pipes. Just because chaps are designed for protection doesn't mean they don't look good either.

You will find many pants suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a comfortable fit or a looser feel, Velcro panels and adjustable snaps can help you achieve it. Women's pants can also be adjusted to suit the height of the boots.

While most chaps are black or a dark color, if you want a more feminine look, chaps do come in pink fringed-leather and hip-hugger styles.


3.Warmers and Coolers


If you don't prepare for conditions like this, you're in for a miserable ride.

Being cold when you ride is uncomfortable. It might not be safe either, depending on how preoccupied you get with your temperature. Several products could eliminate the chilling distraction.

Neck tubes are one option to help you stay toasty. Although some can be bulky, designs using soft fleece are lighter in weight. They provide the warmth you need and create a perfect seal between your helmet and jacket.

A neck gaiter can protect you from the cold and the heat. You can wear the versatile fleece accessory around your neck, over your face or as a hat. An elastic drawstring allows you to adjust it for comfort and fit.

You might also try donning a wind-resistant, fleece ear warmer alone or under a helmet. If you have longer hair, look for one with a ponytail cutout.

You don't want to be too hot. A neck cooler can help keep you hot and cold. The cooler is made of 100% cotton and is filled with non-toxic, absorbent polymer crystals. Soak the reusable cooler in water for 10 to 20 minutes, pat it dry and wrap it around your neck. You will stay comfortable for a few hours.