Working principle of car radiator and maintenance tips

- Sep 14, 2017-

Car radiator mainly composed of water inlet tank ,outlet tank and core ,total 3parts . When it is at work ,coolant flow inside of core ,then cooling air is passing through the radiator ,heat of  coolant will be dispersed by air .one the other hand , cooling air will raise its temp due to absorbing the heat from coolant .

Car radiator is one of the key parts of water cooling engine system . nowadays ,it is going toward the way of light weight 、high efficiency 、economically. Inner structure consist of cooling tubes and air fins .

Core dimension of car radiator has to be enough for coolant flow .in same time ,enough air flowing area too . so ,ample cooling air will take away the heat which coolant bring to radiator ,complete the heat exchanges among coolant、air and cooling fin .

Car radiator is responsible for cooling of circulation water , water tube and fin mostly made of aluminum .water tube is flat ,air fin is wavy . Mounting direction is vertically with way of cooling air.It’d better maximize its heat transfer power with minimum air resistance .

Car radiator

The fluctuation of supply voltage is less than 10% when car radiator in work . proper device need to be used for protection of power off or leakage. Maintenance tips:

1. Do not touch acid or any corrosive substances 

2. It’d better use softened water ,because it will not cause incrustation scale.

3. Water lever has to checked often ,it is low ,need to refill when car radiator is cooled down and open the filler neck cap slowly .

4. Fill with antifreeze fluid when it is in winter.

5. Core area has to be avoided with any impact , clean the core with brush or air pump in time .

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