Yuchai Engine Snow Press Muffler

Yuchai Engine Snow Press Muffler

1.Power loss ratio <5%
2.Exhaust pressure loss : 0-2%
3.Compact and anti-vibration design

Product Details

Our mufflers widely used in railway air-conditioned passenger car generator sets diesel engine exhaust muffler, marine diesel exhaust muffler, luxury passenger car engine, heavy-duty car, car and other internal combustion engine exhaust muffler; engineering machinery and other internal combustion engine-powered supporting machinery.

The 25 utility model patents are guided by Professor Lin Huijiang's scientific research achievement Three-dimensional dynamic full-frequency muffler theory and application research". The airflow cross-sectional area optimization technology is adopted to change the high-speed pulsating airflow into a relatively stable low-speed airflow to reduce noise. The value uses frequency shifting and airflow and sound wave flow detachment technology to reduce the noise value; the airflow and the sound wave flow have a phase difference, and the peak and the valley cancel each other to partially reduce the noise value. The Cummins series engine, the German MAN and MTU series engines, the Japanese Isuzu, Hino, Steyr, Yuchai and other engine series exhaust mufflers have been designed, and their performances are obviously better than those of the domestic installations of similar products.

Yuchai Engine Snow Press Muffler



Technical Strength
* Noise elimination is 5% better compare with similar products on international market .
* Power loss ratio <5%
* Exhaust pressure loss : 0-2%
* Compact and anti-vibration design
* Pressure test each muffler and painting(or surface treatment) before despatch.
* Custom design or manufature according to request of cusotmers .
* We can design and manufacture  mufflers for many industries such as car ,engineering machinery,diesel generator ,motorbike ect.


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