China's Manufacturing Industry Is Expected To Upgrade Again

- Jul 04, 2018-

Some analysts believe that as China's manufacturing 2025 construction process continues to advance, some industries represented by mechanical equipment, new materials, and information technology are expected to benefit first. At present, the competition among enterprises in the machinery and equipment industry in China is becoming increasingly fierce, and most regions are making suggestions for the healthy development of the machinery industry. Mechanical equipment is one of the areas directly under the background of 2025 made in China. Relevant planning is believed to promote consumption upgrades, and the consumer market will lead the middle and high-end expansion to drive equipment manufacturers to actively improve the performance, function and process level of equipment products, and promote the upgrade of China's manufacturing industry chain.

As the basic industry of the national economy, the development of machinery manufacturing industry directly affects the development of various sectors of the national economy, as well as the strengthening of national economy and people's livelihood and national defense forces. Therefore, all countries have placed the development of machinery manufacturing at the forefront. With the increasing competition in the international market for mechanical products, major companies have injected high-tech into the development of mechanical products as an important means of winning by competition.

In 2011, China’s industrial production was 120% of the United States, 346% of Germany and 235% of Japan. What makes western politicians more frightened is that in 2007 China’s industrial output was only 65% of the US industrial output.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the European and American economies have plummeted. The sudden emergence of the Chinese economy has become the engine of world economic growth. It is fundamentally because of China's rapidly growing industrial strength.

In 2016, the growth rate of major economic indicators of China's machinery industry generally rebounded, exceeding the expectations of the beginning of last year. The analysis pointed out that with the advancement of industrial restructuring, the machinery industry is expected to maintain steady growth in 2017. According to the latest statistics, the economic operation of the machinery industry was generally stable from January to May 2017, and the growth rate dropped at a high level. In the major categories of industries, the automobile manufacturing industry continues to lead the growth of the whole industry. From January to May, the industrial added value of the industry increased by about 13% year-on-year, which is 2.5 percentage points higher than the average level of the machinery industry.

Germany has been able to obtain European leadership, especially after the European debt crisis, it has seized the power to dispose of the national sovereignty of other countries and completed Hitler’s unfinished business. It is also due to Germany’s strong industrial strength. With the transformation and upgrading of China's industry, more and more high-tech products will be made into Chinese cabbage prices, and China will become the name of the crusher in developed countries. The hematopoietic capacity of the US high-end manufacturing industry will become increasingly poor.

However, without the support of a strong industry, although it can rely on the sale of natural resources, it can be a sight, but it cannot be seen. China can do a lot of work in this respect, and all localities are making suggestions for the healthy development of the machinery industry.

On June 22nd, in order to fully implement the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Regulating the Structure, Promote the Transformation, and Increase the Efficiency of the Machinery Industry" and the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, the problem of lack of kinetic energy in the development of the machinery industry was solved, and the secondary entrepreneurship of the machinery industry was promoted. To the high-end level, the government of Guangxi Autonomous Region held the second entrepreneurial press conference of Guangxi Machinery Industry in Nanning.

At present, engineering machinery enterprises are also facing many challenges. Big data enterprises are still in the era of industrial 2.0 and 3.0. Intelligent factory investment is very large, across development will be increased large-scale cost. Secondly, smart products require intelligent sensing device applications, and their cost increases. And reliability is also a long-term process. It is believed that under the guidance of the national "Made in China 2025" strategy, through the in-depth cooperation and continuous exploration of construction machinery enterprises and Internet companies, the intelligent and mobile Internet applications of construction machinery will be well done, and the direction of intelligent applications based on Chinese characteristics will be go ahead.