Heat Exchanger Precautions

- Jul 13, 2017-

1, to keep the pipe network clean. Whether it is in the work before or after the completion of work, must be cleaned on the pipe network, the purpose of doing so is to avoid the phenomenon of heat exchanger congestion. But also pay attention to the timely removal of the decontamination and filters, so that the entire work successfully completed.

2, strict control of softened water. For the water quality control is very important, in the softened water quality treatment under the premise of the first to carefully check the system of water and softening tank water quality problems, to determine the qualified before the injection processing.

3, the new system test. For some new systems, can not be used immediately with the heat exchanger, the first need to put the new system in the specified time period to run, so that it has a mode of operation, this time the heat exchanger can be incorporated into the system In use, the purpose of doing so is to avoid the impurities in the pipe network damage to the heat exchanger equipment.