Oil Coolers - The Tecfree Range

- Jul 08, 2018-

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Oil coolers are devices used to cool oil; for example, engines that use cold fluids, transmissions or hydraulic fluids, typically water or cold air. But most people don't realize how many different types of oil coolers or types that our company currently offers. Oil coolers have been produced by our company in the China since 2008, and since then,we offers a range of oil coolers ranging from the original shell and tube oil coolers to new plate heat exchangers and air cooled oil coolers.

Hydraulic Oil Coolers - Shell and Tube

Hydraulic Oil Coolers.pngShell and Tube Oil Cooler are most popular product and the company's original oil cooler. Shell and tube oil coolers are most commonly used for oil cooling on hydraulic power units and other hydraulic equipment, including hydraulic systems on excavators and earthmoving equipment. However, the simple and adaptable design of the hydraulic oil cooler makes it suitable for most applications, including fresh or glycol water supplies for engines, generators and gearboxes.

Marine Oil Coolers - Shell and Tube

The marine oil cooler is based on the same design and principles as our standard hydraulic oil cooler, but the cast iron header (end cap) is replaced with a bronze version, making it suitable for seawater coolant. The internal tube stack is also made of seawater resistant material, making Marine Oil Cooler a sought after product in the industry. Marine oil coolers are used in marine engines, from small yachts to large workboats, as well as gearboxes for cruise ships and tankers. Marine oil coolers are also used in naval vessels, including the Type 45 destroyer fleet.

Engine Oil Coolers - Brazed Plate

Engine Oil Coolers.pngBrazed plate heat exchangers are usually associated with water and refrigerant and are commonly used for heating devices, but they can also be used as oil coolers. Its compact design makes it the engine of choice for manufacturers, as models such as wash-over plate heat exchangers shown in the figure can be designed as an integral part of the engine to minimize space requirements.

Air Cooled Oil Coolers

Air Cooled Oil Coolers.pngIf there is no permanent source of cold water, such as on a vehicle or other mobile device, an air-cooled oil cooler is required. This uses forced air from fan or vehicle motion to cool the engine, transmission or hydraulic oil. We specializes in designing combination cooling packs that integrate air coolers, radiators and oil coolers into one unit.

Thanks to their strong and lightweight plate an bar construction, the air cooled oil coolers manufactured by our company are a common sight on earthmovers and excavators.

Motorsport Oil Coolers

Motorsport Oil Coolers.pngFor high performance vehicles, Our company offers the Motorsport oil cooler. This is an ultra-lightweight aluminum oil cooler for auxiliary engines or transmission oil coolers for high performance vehicles. Motorsport oil coolers are widely used in classic and modern racing cars and offer low cost but reliable cooling solutions.