TECFREE's Oil Cooler (1)

- Dec 13, 2018-

Oil Coolers

Engine and transmission oil cooling
The oil used for lubrication plays a significant cooling role. The oil cooler receives the heat of the lubricant and exchanges it with ambient air or radiator coolant. Usually automatic transmission oil requires a dedicated oil cooler. Vehicles driven by engine oil cooled by separate exchangers are common. Especially in high performance or small engine vehicles, dedicated oil coolers are an important part of the system.
  In some models, the oil cooler is built into the radiator tank. Here, the coolant supports the heat exchange process. In modern vehicles, automatic transmission oil coolers are typically designed as separate units that are mounted separately on the engine compartment or engine block.

1. Reliability & Performance
The oil cooler development process includes an in-house test series, where the oil cooler is pressure-impulse tested with 100,000 impulses at a pressure of up to 10.0 bar.

2.OE Matching Quality
All TECFREES’oil coolers are designed and manufactured according to the OE requirements.
TECFREES’oil coolers are tested in TECFREES’advanced in-house test facilities to ensure compliance with the high quality demands – thus promising a long service life.

TECFREES' Product Benefits
1.Easy Installation with First Fit
+45 models of TECFREES’oil coolers equipped with gaskets.

2.Long Life Product
The improved choke design ensures a more precise brazing process that increases component durability and stress resistance.

3.Temperature Resistant
Thermal expansion tested to perform during fluctuations of temperatures, ranging from 10 to 90 °C.