New Style Radiator For Construction Machinery

1.Max Dimension:4000*4000*236mm
2.Power Range:100-3000kw
3.Patent No.:Zl201320830624.7
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Product Details


* Fin and tube integration design ,avoid thermal resistance.
* High conductivity for heat .without trouble of brazing quality .
* Heat rejection rate will increae 10-20% in same dimension.
* Material is aluminum alloy 6063 , it is tough and durable.

Application of New style radiator for construction machinery


Structural Comparison


The traditional radiator, the connection between the tube and the main board (red area) is low-temperature brazing, the strength is low, and the water tank leakage due to vibration is easy to occur, and the user maintenance cost is increased.


The new radiator and tube plate connection method are: argon arc welding, high strength, high reliability, torsion resistance, excellent shock resistance and could endure 25 kg internal pressure.