Universal Aluminum Intercooler Pipe Kit With Silicone Hose

1.Made of high quality T6061 Aluminum
2.Polished surface
3.Aluminum pipe Length: 600mm

Product Details

Product Detailed of Universal 2.5 Aluminum Intercooler Pipe Kit with Silicone Hose
* Made of high quality T6061 Aluminum
* Polished surface
* Aluminum pipe Length: 600mm
* Thickness:1.8mm
* Fitments:Universal


Package Includes
1. 2PCS OD:2 Straight Aluminum Pipe
2. 2PCS OD:2 45 Degree Aluminum Pipe
3. 2PCS OD:2 90 Degree Aluminum Pipe
4. 2PCS OD:2 180 Degree Aluminum U Pipe
5. 2PCS Black ID:2 90 Degree Silicone Hose + 6PCS ID:2 Straight hose (avaiable Color:Blue Black Red)

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